Group exhibition at Kulturbunker in Cologne

Group exhibition "Inwirklichkeit" with Natalia Wehler, Jo Pellenz, Konrad Geel and Rike Stausberg, from November 28 until December 6.

Annual group exhibition of Federal Association of German Fine Artists (Künstlerhaus, Göttingen)

Official opening on November 21, the end reception on December 27 will be accompanied by a performance from Ute Gruenwald

Group exhibition at Espacio Gallery

Group exhibition curated by Shannon Rose will take place at the end of August as a part SweetArt Summer Festival in London. I am pleased to be selected as one of the exhibiting artists

Group exhibition at Boundary Art Gallery

My artworks "Drifting Away" and "Floating" were selected for group exhibition "Flow" at Boundary Art Gallery in Cardiff. Official opening is on Saturday, August 1st.

Installation Project "Wow Brows" funded by Kunst e.V.

Official Opening of my Exhibition "Wow Brows" featuring well-known brows of great thinkers on 6 meters long sail canvases took place at Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-organisation on July 16th. Initial speech by MPI director Prof. Theo Geisel was followed by an interview moderated by MPI press officer Carolin Hoffrogge. Installations remain accessible to public until August 16th.

"Wow Brows" is a part of Göttingen Art Project "Unusual Spaces" funded by Kunst e.V.

Starting work in the dark storage room of my studio

Flow Paintings at Moat Theatre, Naas, Ireland

Solo show with the newest works from my Dark Pigment Series